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At GG, we combine tradition with innovation to offer legal excellence with a unique touch. We invest in the constant learning and development of our team, keeping us up-to-date in the most diverse areas of law. Join us on the journey of law beyond the ordinary.

& Galvão

At GG, we don’t follow the common path. For two decades, we have been on a unique journey, where legal expertise merges with a passion for extraordinary challenges.

Here, we are not just lawyers, we are problem solvers, opportunity seekers and builders of lasting relationships. Our team is composed of professionals who not only know the law, but apply it with a modern and innovative approach.

We value technology, not just as a tool, but as an extension of our commitment to agility and efficiency. We keep our clients one step ahead, always.

Learning is constant, not just in our areas of expertise, but in everything that involves the legal world. We actively participate in courses, seminars and events, always ready to face evolving challenges.

What sets us apart is the connection with our clients. Our personalized approach creates solid relationships, based on ethics and genuine respect for the individual needs of each client.

Here, law is not just a profession, it’s a passion!

Gaiofato &


The beginning

In 2003, lawyer Alexandre Gaiofato began a transformative journey by establishing Gaiofato Advogados Associados. With an initial team of just five employees, the firm focused on serving large residential condominiums and small companies.


A new team member

In 2006, a young lawyer named Ronaldo Galvão joined the firm. This was the starting point of a journey that would lead him to become a partner in the future.


Expansion and specialization

In the years that followed, the firm strengthened its presence in the corporate, tax and labor areas. The number of employees grew considerably, and the team began to specialize in exclusively serving companies.


Expansion and specialization

Strategic partnerships with Abramaco (Brazilian Association of Apparel Machinery and Equipment) and CDL (São Paulo Chamber of Shopkeepers) have taken the firm's name to various corners of the state and Brazil.


New partner

In 2009, Ronaldo Galvão became a partner, marking a significant step in his career and solidifying his commitment to the firm.


International reach

In 2012, the firm expanded its horizons with a partnership in Miami, extending its reach beyond national borders.


Notable Collaboration

2013 was marked by a remarkable collaboration with Romeu Tuma Jr., which led to the firm being renamed Gaiofato e Tuma Advogados Associados.


New identity

In 2015, the firm adopted its current name, Gaiofato e Galvão Advogados Associados, consolidating the partnership and synergy between Alexandre and Ronaldo.


A new chapter

2017 marked a significant change, when Ronaldo Galvão left tax coordination to dedicate himself to the firm's administration. Overcoming the daily challenges, they continued on a path of success.


Global expansion

The commitment to global expansion materialized in 2019 with a partnership with a law firm in China.


Commitment to diversity and inclusion

In 2021, the firm reaffirmed its commitment to diversity and inclusion through the implementation of affirmative policies and partnerships for the correction of names of transgender people, in addition to opening affirmative action positions.


New specialized verticals

The year 2023 marks the inauguration of GG Plural, focused on promoting diversity and inclusion, and GG Human, specialized in serving artists, influencers and entrepreneurs.

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