Reporting channel
and compliance

Transparency and ethics are fundamental values for us.
Reporting channel and compliance is an essential tool for reporting concerns about unethical conduct, irregularities or inappropriate behavior.
We provide a safe environment for you to express your concerns, and we are committed to investigating and addressing all reports fairly and confidentially. Your integrity is important to us, and together, we maintain a trusting environment.

This channel is exclusively for reporting and complaints. We emphasize that the veracity of the information provided here is the sole responsibility of the reporter and that they will be verified in an internal process of investigation and adequacy within the Compliance standards of the office.
GG rejects and considers intolerable any type of discrimination based on ethnicity, race, gender identity, age, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, physical condition, nationality, disability, political conviction or any other.
Any and all information reported here will be anonymous and considered confidential.

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