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Our Terms of Use and Conditions are the foundation of our relationships with our clients and partners.
Here you will find detailed information about our practices, rights and responsibilities.
By browsing our website and using our services, you agree to the terms established, guaranteeing a reliable and transparent experience.

This ‘Terms of Use and Conditions’ applies to all Brazilian territory and regulates the rights and obligations assigned to you, as a “client” or “user”, pertaining to the use of the GG website.
When you access our website, you are entrusting GG with your information. We understand that this is a big responsibility and we work to protect your information and keep you in control of it.
Therefore, the rules of these ‘Terms of Use and Conditions’ are intended to describe how you will navigate and use our website when you access the link: https://gaiofatoegalvao.com.br.br/.


Please review the terms carefully before using the site, because by contacting us, accessing, browsing or using this site, all users and visitors declare that they are aware of the rules of these ‘Terms of Use and Conditions’.
If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use or access the available content.
GG reserves the right to update the ‘Terms of Use and Conditions’ periodically, at its sole discretion.

WhatsApp and website features

The tools allow users to register in order to request information about products and/or resellers, orders and purchases.
The tools allow users to register to request information about services and professionals, as well as register to send resumes.
GG aims to ensure that the tools are more useful and efficient for their users. It therefore reserves the right to make changes to the site or the services offered at any time and whenever it deems it necessary in order to maintain the quality of the information and services provided.
It is possible that the services and functions provided by the site may be interrupted without prior notice for maintenance, upgrades or emergency repairs. GG reserves the right to delete any content or even the site for any reason, without prior notice.
The GGAA aims to ensure that the tools are more useful and efficient for their users. Therefore, it reserves the right to make changes to the Site or the services offered at any time and for any reason it deems necessary to maintain the quality of the information and services provided.
It is possible that there may be occasions when the services provided by the Site are interrupted without prior notice for maintenance, upgrades, or emergency repairs. GGAA reserves the right to delete any content or even the site for any reason, without prior notice.


The tools are only available to individuals and companies who wish to receive our content and/or contract any of our services.
In order for the user to access the content of the site, as well as obtain more information about our content and/or services, it is necessary to register by providing some data, such as name, e-mail and telephone number.
The user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data provided and acknowledges that inconsistencies may result in the impossibility of registering and/or making contact and possibly contracting.
The GGAA reserves the right to provide information for the sole purpose of sharing its content and services, as well as to use registration data to carry out studies and/or reports on users, either through information obtained via WhatsApp or the website, without, however, disclosing user information, for which the user expressly agrees.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights belong to GG. Much of the Site is protected by copyright, trademarks, databases and other intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise specified, the user is authorized to use the site only for personal use, registration requests and prior contacts.
The Site may not be copied, modified, adapted, distributed, sold, published, licensed or otherwise transferred, in whole or in part. The user may not, furthermore, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, crack, or attempt to crack the encryption that protects the site’s settings, under any pretext and/or hypothesis.
All text codes, information, data, photographs, graphics, software, audio, video, trademarks, logos, advertisements and everything else appearing on this site belong exclusively to GG.

Website Use

GG is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or incidental loss or damage caused by the improper use of the site, its use, or inability to use. This includes data loss or damage caused by the user’s improper use. Similarly, GG is not responsible for any virus that may attack the user’s device as a result of accessing, using, or browsing the internet or as a consequence of transferring data, files, images, text, or audio.
GG has a service for questions and queries regarding the use of the site, through the contact channel, available at the following link: https://gaiofatoegalvao.com.br.br/contato/
Full use of the site depends on an internet connection. The connection must be via network cable, Wi-Fi or through the mobile data service provider’s network, but GG is not responsible for malfunctions of the site, as well as if the device does not have a Wi-Fi connection or has exceeded the data usage limit.
Please note that if you use the site outside an area with Wi-Fi, the mobile network service provider may apply the terms of the contract, regarding the application of data tariffs, data roaming for use of the site outside the territory of origin and other charges, for which GG is not responsible.
The user, in this act, waives all claims, demands, attributions of responsibilities, legal cause, lawsuit, request for compensation, among others, in relation to this site.


The user may not engage in the following actions as a result of or through the use of the site:

  • Any unlawful act or violation of the applicable law;
  • Acts contrary to morals and good customs;
  • Violation of third-party rights;
  • Violation of others’ rights to secrecy and privacy;
  • Acts that cause or facilitate the contamination or damage to any equipment of GG and/or third parties, including through viruses, trojans, malware, worm, bot, backdoor, spyware, tootkit, or by any other devices that may be created;
  • Practicing any act that, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, may cause harm to GG, any user, and/or third parties.

GGAA Obligations

GGAA is obligated to its users and internet users to:

  • Maintain a safe virtual environment, except for destructive acts of third parties that go beyond the efforts made, in which case it will not be responsible for damages arising from this harmful practice.
  • Preserving the functionality of the site, with non-broken links, using a layout that respects usability and navigability, facilitating navigation wherever possible.
  • Display the functionalities in a clear, complete, accurate, and sufficient way so that there is an exact perception of the operations performed.

Obligations of the internet user

Internet users are obliged to:

  • Browsing with ethical rectitude, always respecting the conditions governing the use of the Portal.
  • Take care of the secrecy and security of your data, as this information allows you to register and must be true, as it determines your digital identity, imputing to you the authorship of all acts carried out in your name, even if it is by a third-party who has knowledge of this data.
  • All users who provide data to GG are obliged to keep their registration data up to date at all times, under penalty of civil and criminal liability for damages arising from inaccurate or incorrect information stored.
  • By providing data and information to the site or in GG’s registers, the internet user and user undertake to do so at all times with a commitment to truthfulness and authenticity, under penalty of the law, to indemnify anyone who causes damage and to have their access account to this Portal deleted.
  • The user must use the resources of this Portal for the purpose for which it was created, under penalty of the law, of compensating those who cause damage and of having the access account of this site deleted.

Content not appropriate for minors

The content available on the Site, in whole or in part, may be inappropriate for children and/or minors of a certain age. Parents or guardians should monitor the access and use of minors, for which GG is not responsible.

Operating system versions

The site will be regularly updated and such updates may cause the Site to become incompatible with the browser used. GG does not guarantee that the necessary updates will be compatible with the browser installed on your device.

General provisions

Tolerance of any breach of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions by any user shall not constitute a waiver of the right to demand compliance with the obligation, nor forgiveness, nor alteration of what is provided here.
All items of these terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of conflicts between these laws and laws of other states or countries, and the District Court of the City of São Paulo is competent to resolve any doubt arising from this instrument.
Use of and access to this site means that the user has read and is aware of all these terms and conditions.
You must stop using this site immediately if you do not agree with or accept the entirety of these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions last updated: June 2023.

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